Update as 19.40 Sat 26th May 2018

OK – through modding the hosts file I am getting some of the new websites already working

Both forums (if you can see new versions) will say “wrong theme” but that can get fixed

FTP issue awaiting reply

As at 19.35 I’ve changed the ns to evo on the following (and these will all start to work to the new host soon)

Anglia – working but no attachments or avatars

DABF – working with avatars but no attachments

IWantHairLikeAdam – looks fine to me

H2T Downloads – looks fine to me

BedsBuses – looks fine to me and downloads work

DundeeBuses – looks fine to me and downloads work

scotbus.com – loks fine to me and downloads work

Still working on;

SuzyScott (nameservers not changed) – not all downloaded – plan to remove the older stuff

H2T (nameservers not changed) – bug with older files so will trim back the old lot

Still need to put up Chris Dobbing’s stuff but caroline is downloading the lot