Web Move, late May 2018

Over this weekend, we are slowly moving (with the help of the new hosting company and SamW in the background) all of our websites – that’s both Forums, all the company and timetable sites, Suzy and Caroline’s personal sites, Caroline’s camino site, as well as those we host for Chris Dobbing (Peterbrough Bus Rally, A1Bus, rmooa etc.)

A temporary page has been setup at http://moggylabs.com/moving/ which is where we will post updates in relation to the move (only there after this one)

BABUS and our shop on BigCartel are not affected by this move.

On Friday 25th May 2018, Suzy will start by getting the ball rolling moving various domains across. Given propagation time and the like, it is expected everything should continue to work without problems for that day.

Over the bank holiday weekend of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May (and maybe Monday 28th May 2018) the host company will hopefully be able to transfer stuff on our behalf, with my assistance and that of Sam Wickham.

Because of the vast amount being moved, there is no timescale as to how fast things will be done. When we get updates, they will be posted only at http://moggylabs.com/moving/ to save cluttering your feeds up!

Technical issues – we are moving from a Windows server to a Linux, in a reverse of a previous move. We cannot forsee anything not working, but we will post bugs as and when things are found. After the move, Linux servers should have a lot more uptime than the windows ones before, which should hopefully reduce the times our shared server needs to restart etc. This is now a Virtual Private Server, hosted with our old hosts Evohosting. They have since changed ownership (now part of Paragon) but we were advised in the last fortnight they will now be known as tsohost.

If you need to contact Suzy, you can do so via Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/suzyscottdotcom ]

Twitter @suzyscottdotcom [ https://twitter.com/suzyscottdotcom ]

By email – either pusskins4mouse@gmail.com or heretotherepub@outlook.com are being kept open in Suzy’s PC throughout the shift, and will be checked regularly. (Except for the time if and when Suzy goes out, but this will be checked when she gets back).